About us

The study center STZ eyetrial at the Department for Ophthalmology was founded in 2004 by Professor Barbara Wilhelm. In the anniversary year 2019, Tobias Peters, MD, took over the management.

On average, our team oversees more than 30 projects with a wide variety of focuses, including studies according to AMG, MDR, professional-regulations and IITs. In some studies, we have taken on the role of the CRO as well.


III. European Patient Meeting on Achromatopsia - September 16 th 2023 in Tübinge

We warmly welcome you to this special patient day in Tübingen!
The BMBF project Colour Bridge*, the Achromatopsie Self-Help Association, the BCM Family Foundation and the University Hospital of Tübingen have joined as organisers.

We are at ARVO 2023 - April 23.-27. New Orleans

we look forward to good talks and lectures.

Haag Streit video prize DOG 2022

The DOG awards a video prize, donated by HAAG-STREIT Deutschland GmbH, to the AG DOG Clinical Study Centres in recognition of their outstanding film on clinical trials.


We congratulate Prof. Barbara Wilhelm on EVI Top List of Women in European Vision Research and

Ophthalmology 2021

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